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Effective, Proven Treatment For Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Seasons Sri Lanka delivers affordable, evidence based drug and alcohol treatment within an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. Our internationally celebrated program has been delivering excellent outcomes since 1997.

This is the first specialist rehab facility of its kind in Sri Lanka and implements the cutting edge Australian, Seasons Hader model. This psychosocial approach treats the mind, body and soul of the addict or alcoholic through a carefully designed, holistic schedule.

We employ a mix of western and local staff, all of whom are trained in the latest developments in addiction treatment. Situated about a kilometre from the beach, our state of the art therapeutic treatment centre offers a peaceful haven where clients can address their problems with the help of our non-judgemental team.

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Client Focused Benefits

Australian Partnership

The Australian owned, Seasons Hader Group, has been running evidence based drug and alcohol treatment programs since 1997. Their approach combines the latest research and the best practice models available. Our founder and director, Richard Smith, found recovery in 1985 and has been dedicated to helping addicts, alcoholics and their families since then.

Professional and Compassionate Clinical Care

The Seasons Clinical Team are all well qualified and trained by the Seasons Hader Group. Our compassionate and understanding staff supervise the Primary Program 24 hours a day. Many members of our team are in recovery themselves which enables them to enrich our program with their personal experience as much as their formal education.

Professional Medical Care
Certis Lanka

The Seasons Hader team are partnered by the Certis Lanka Group which was established in 1977. Certis takes pride in being the pioneers and market leaders in the home nursing industry in Sri Lanka with well-trained professionals offering a range of health care services. The Seasons Medical Team are trained in detoxification regimes, addiction medicine and dual diagnosis to a western standard.

The Seasons Solution – An Internationally Proven Program

The Seasons solution to drug and alcohol dependency treats the mind, body and soul of the person afflicted. We believe that it is not only the physical addiction which must be addressed but also the underlying social, emotional and psychological issues. A daily schedule of wellness activities teaches our clients the skills to learn to live in recovery.

Modern, Affordable and Confidential

The Seasons Sri Lanka centre is set in a secluded resort and bears no resemblance to a hospital or institution. The confidentiality and wellbeing of our clients is our primary focus. We provide both private and shared accommodation meaning that our premium drug and alcohol treatment services are affordable for all.

One Team – One Recovery

We offer a flexible range of services designed to assist the ongoing recovery of our clients. This includes the Primary Program (28, 60, 90 days), Transitional Housing, an Outpatients Program and various aftercare services. This approach to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction gives clients extensive, sustained support resulting in excellent outcomes.

What They’re Saying

“Working at Seasons Sri Lanka is a great experience for me because we offer a very successful program in a beautiful environment. I’m so glad to be part of this amazing team and it gives me the chance to use my knowledge and experience of addiction to help others get well. For me helping an addict is much more than just a job, it’s a life purpose. And I found the ideal team where I can fulfill that purpose.”

Alessandro Di IlioSeasons Sri Lanka Counsellor